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All of our products are grown in Kenya, a country with a varied climate and rich soil, which allows us to produce a variety of products all year round. Our packing facility is temperature controlled and located 10 minutes from the Jomo Kenyatta International airport, ensuring timely and temperature-controlled deliveries to our customers.

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Fresh and High-Quality Produce

At Jade Fresh, we believe that the quality of our produce speaks for itself. We work tirelessly with our farmers to manage the whole production process. This ensures premium quality of product from the farm to the end consumer.

Wide Selection of Produce

Our commitment to quality is matched only by our commitment to variety. We offer a wide selection of seasonal and exotic fruits and vegetables, including hard-to-find items that are perfect for trying something new and expanding your culinary horizons.


Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do at Jade’s. From working with local farmers to reduce our carbon footprint to using eco-friendly packaging, we are dedicated to creating a better world for everyone. By choosing our produce, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting a company that values the environment and your health.